• PIÑA - Pineapple Power Bank
  • PIÑA - Pineapple Power Bank
  • PIÑA - Pineapple Power Bank
  • PIÑA - Pineapple Power Bank
  • PIÑA - Pineapple Power Bank
  • PIÑA - Pineapple Power Bank

PIÑA - Pineapple Power Bank




Pina is the most stylish pineapple power bank we've ever made! It's a must have fashion accessory for anyone that digs cute phone chargers and it comes in both yellow and turquoise. The powerful 3,350 mAH rechargeable battery provides plenty of extra juice to ensure your phone lasts all day long! This power bank will charge iPhone or Android phones and tablets at the fastest rate possible. Stay charged up and look stylish with a pineapple power bank from BUQU! 


3,350mAh Battery

Provides up to 1.5X extra battery life with most smartphones

12W Quick Charge

Safely charges smartphones and tablets at the fastest rate possible

Clip it 

Clip it where you want it so it's there when you need it


Featured In

Tanner Braungardt

Tanner and friends opening tons of mail on a PO Box Haul video on YouTube and loving their BUQU duck and pineapple shaped phone chargers.




Kingsley showing the Piña pineapple power bank he got at VidCon in his favorites video on YouTube.


Melissa Trippy

In one of her PO Box opening videos on YouTube Melissa Trippy is excited to get her cute pineapple power bank so she can stay powered up all day long.


Paige Piskin

Paige has made it a lifestyle to be traveling all the time so she knows what she can't live without on her trips, and her Piña pineapple power bank is a must have to keep her charged up from the airport to the final destination.


acacia brinley youtube pineapple power bank

Acacia Brinley

Acacia Brinley loves sharing her life with fans on YouTube and Instagram and she keeps her pineapple power bank handy so she can stay charged up throughout a fun filled day and share every moment with her fans.


Annalee Belle

Annalee Belle needs to keep her phone charged up so she can show off all of her latest makeup and fashion looks so she always keeps her cute pineapple power bank handy!

Annalee Belle model pineapple power bank


cosmopolitian magazine pineapple power bank

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan Magazine showing the pineapple power bank as a great way to "juice up" in their  "21 things to do this month" feature.


Celebrity Page Magazine

Celebrity Page Magazine showing some hot tech accessories including some cool  BUQU phone chargers under "The Buzz, trends and obsessions" feature.

celebrity page magazine pineapple power bank


muscle and fitness hers magazine pineapple power bank

Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine

The pineapple power bank featured in Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine as a must have accessory for your gym bag.


Seventeen Magazine

Seventeen Magazine matching accessories to the style of every Disney Princess in their "Holiday haul". The pineapple power bank fits right in with the Beach Bum style inspired by Moana.

seventeen magazine pineapple power bank



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