• CHUBS - Pig Power Bank
  • CHUBS - Pig Power Bank
  • CHUBS - Pig Power Bank
  • CHUBS - Pig Power Bank
  • CHUBS - Pig Power Bank
  • CHUBS - Pig Power Bank
  • CHUBS - Pig Power Bank
  • CHUBS - Pig Power Bank

CHUBS - Pig Power Bank




Whether you’re stuck in class or chillin’ at the beach, this battery stores enough power to keep your favorite devices charged up and ready to go. Clip it where you want it so it’s there when you need it.


3,350mAh Battery

Provides up to 1.5X extra battery life with most smartphones

12W Quick Charge

Safely charges smartphones and tablets at the fastest rate possible

Clip it 

Clip it where you want it so it's there when you need it


Featured In

celebuzz article 2



Celebuzz knows keeping your phone charged while traveling is a must, that's why they recommend the gold Chubs power bank in their article "10 Travel Essentials for the Vacation of Your Dreams" 





Celebuzz can't get enough of the pig portable charger, check it out in their "8 Favorite Things of the Week" article


celebuzz article 2


bailey sok dance

Bailey Sok

Bailey Sok is breaking it down on the dance floor, and blowing up Instagram by giving away some of her favorite BUQU phone chargers to her fans 




Jessica VerSteeg

Jessica VerSteeg is a model and Miss Iowa 2014, and she loves coordinating her outfit to match her pig power bank


jessica versteeg model


Colleen Ballinger Miranda Sings

Colleen Ballinger

Colleen Ballinger taking a break from her alter ego Miranda Sings to hang out at the Netflix lounge during VidCon with her piggy power bank



Kristen Doute and Katie Maloney

Kristen and Katie, the girls of Vanderpump Rules, staying powered up on set with their pig portable chargers as they get their hair and makeup done


vanderpump rule


Mel Joy

Mel Joy can be found sharing her style and accessory tips on her YouTube channel, and in a "What's in my bag" update she reveals that she is loving how the gold Chubs power bank fits right into her style, and its a must have in her everyday bag.



Shameless Maya

Maya is shameless about her love for the gold Chubs piggy phone charger on her "Tech Haul" video on YouTube


Nikki Limo

Nikki Limo showing how she keeps her phone charged up all day long with the Chubs piggy phone charger in one of her favorites videos on YouTube.



Graveyard Girl

The Swamp Queen herself loving the Chubs power bank! Graveyard girl is always on her phone capturing behind the scenes moments to share with the community of fans and friends and the pink pig phone charger is the perfect accessory to keep her going all day long.


Style Watch magazine chubs pig power bank

Style Watch Magazine

Pink Chubs pig power bank, and pineapple phone charger make the cut for the perfect gifts in the Style Watch holiday gift guide! 



US Weekly Magazine

Chubs pig portable charger is buzz worthy in US Weekly alongside some of today's top stars. 



US Weekly magazine chubs pig charger


Family Fun magazine chubs pig power bank

Family Fun Magazine

Family Fun Magazine letting its readers know the best ways to "Take Charge"  and the pink Chubs pig phone charger is the perfect accessory to keep your phone charged up throughout all of the family fun.


Star Magazine

The "Weekender Must-Haves" list in Star Magazine features the cute Chubs pig power bank as a must have to keep your phone going all weekend long. 



Star magazine chubs pig charger


Working Mother magazine chubs pig power bank

Working Mother Magazine

The Chubs pig power bank is a back to school favorite in Working Mother Magazine, and the prefect back to school accessory to keep you and your kids charged up and in contact all day long.


Parents Magazine

Chubs pig power bank has stamp of approval from parent to parent as an awesome phone charger to keep USB devices charged up all day long in Parents Magazine.


parents magazine chubs pig charger


country living magazine chubs pig power bank

Country Living Magazine

Country Living Magazine featuring the Chubs pig power bank in the “Just Because Holiday Gift Guide" to help keep your phone running all day long. 


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