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Posted on 05 June 2017


Graduation season is here! For many, that means sitting through tortuously long ceremonies just to cheer as loud as you can for about 10 seconds while your loved one receives a diploma and walks across the stage. But for the graduate this is the best time of year! All of the late nights, last minute study sessions, Starbucks coffee runs, and hours spent in the library wondering how to ever make it through those 4 long years to graduation have finally paid off. And the time has come to celebrate. Your graduate deserves something that suits them and their goals as they venture out into the real world. Each graduate is amazing in their own way, and all of their hard work deserves a unique gift that truly suits them. Here are some graduation gift ideas that are sure to help your graduate succeed in the next chapter of their lives.


 The "It" Girl 

  • This graduate is a go getter, a trend setter, and all around fashionista. She know what she wants and she’s constantly on the move. Balancing between leading-edge style and the practical need for plenty of phone power can be pretty tough – that’s just where the Power Poof comes in. The POWER POOF- Purse Charm Power Bank lets her stay charged up throughout a busy day while making a fashion statement on her bag that’s sure to attract lots of notice. She’ll always want plenty of power to keep friends and followers updated when she spots the newest trend, so getting her a gift that will help keep her all-important phone charged up will help empower her to get her goals in motion. 

Social Activist

  • Ever since she was little, she’s been all about the issues that really matter, from championing animal rights to making strides to improve the world around her, she has a sense of social responsibility. She’s constantly in touch with like-minded friends and organizations to work toward the common good, updating her social network with the latest news on the social causes closest to her heart. The MELO- Watermelon Power Bank celebrates her sweet and playful side while putting plenty of phone juice at her fingertips. It allows her to continue to be socially conscious, while keeping in touch with those dearest to her. Wherever she goes - from coffee shop to community garden and all the places in between - she’s sure to have her Melo Power bank right by her side.

Music Major

  • You’ll find this grad at center stage and in the front row of every festival. She’s the life of the party and the star of every show, and she isn’t afraid to let her talent shine for all to see. Her YouTube and Instagram followers can’t seem to get enough of her one-of-a-kind personality, so she’ll require enough mobile power to always be able to update her fan base while she’s on the go again. Whether she's playing a hipster bar downtown, or the local music festival she will be streaming the show to her friends and fans on Instagram live and will need all the power her phone can get. The CHILL- Penguin Power Bank is the ideal power accessory for this quirky, creative spirit. Its cute penguin shape hides a full charge for her smartphone, while a sturdy carabiner clips onto her belt in seconds as she’s out the door to her latest jam session.

Travel Blogger

  • To this grad, the world is a playground and she has major wander lust and every day is a new chance for adventure. Whether her sights are set on a trek through Europe, post-grad studies abroad, or a sun-splashed Costa Rican vacation, her passport is in her pocket and her bags are packed and ready. She has a travel blog to share and remember all of her adventures as her free spirit takes her around the world. She’ll be taking her entire social network along wherever her travels take her, so an extra battery charger is an absolute must. The unique pineapple design of the PIÑA- Pineapple Power Bank is sure to be her favorite travel companion. It clips right onto any bag, backpack or carry-on, adding a colorful touch of fashion that brightens up any day spent on the road or in the air.

Mom Friend

  • Mom Friend: "That one friend in your squad that's super responsible and almost over-protective of them. Usually every friend group has a mom friend, and if you think your squad doesn't have one, then you're probably the Mom Friend!" -Urban Dictionary. Taking care of others is this grad’s motto, which is why she’s know in her group as the "Mom Friend", and she's always everyone’s favorite friend! This natural nurturer is always connecting with her huge circle of friends and social followers, swapping stories, sharing inspiration and giving much-appreciated advice. With so many people in her life, it’s so important to stay in touch regardless of location. Brighten her day with the BUBS- Ducky Power Bank. Its playful rubber-duck shape is bound to bring a smile to her face as she goes about her busy day, and she’s sure to appreciate having a full backup charge for her smartphone right at ready reach with this cute phone charger.

Boss Babe

  • With a keen business sense and a work ethic that’s second to none, this grad is poised to take the corporate world by storm. She’s perfected the art of balancing a demanding work and study load with lots of time for fun with friends, making her a genuine winner in the game of life. Business never stops in todays globalized world and she will need to keep her phone powered up so she can check emails, Linked In and Facebook all day long. Keeping up with such a schedule means that this business babe is constantly connected to both business and social groups and always in need of a battery charger for her all-important phone. The NADE- Grenade Power Bank makes a powerful fashion statement, adding just the right hint of daring and a little secret shine to this business woman's elegant everyday ensemble.

Art Major

  • This grad’s always got a fresh new idea she can’t wait to share! She’s a true creative who loves to multi-task projects and swap Pinterest boards to scope the latest trends. Staying plugged into the latest innovations can eat up a whole lot of battery, so be sure that your favorite girl genius can always connect by gifting her with a pop-art POPS- Popsicle Power Bank. More than just a fashionable purse charm, the Pops Power bank cleverly conceals a complete smartphone charge inside its compact, colorful exterior, she will love the uniqueness of the battery banks design. It’s a sweet treat for anyone who sees the world though an artist’s eye!

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