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Posted on 24 February 2017

Forever 21 Instagram photo of pineapple phone charger


Forever 21 has over 12 million followers on Instagram and they posted a photo of our pineapple charger!


For those who don't already know Forever 21 is kind of a big deal on Instagram. With over 12 million followers getting featured on their page is one of the best things that can happen for anyone who is trying to grow their social media following, and ultimately their brand. 


I woke up to the Instagram notification "Forever21 tagged you in a photo"


So imagine my surprise when I wake up Saturday morning to the Instagram notification "Forever21 tagged you in a photo", my first reaction... am I dreaming??? I must be dreaming, I look at my phone again, and the notification is still there! Then I actually start to wake up and remember that our product is available online at Forever 21 and we were expecting an Instagram post from them, and as it turned out, Saturday was the day!

Now that I am fully awake and looking at the post on their page the likes and comments are blowing up! I have never seen this much interaction so quickly. It was amazing to see everyone reacting in such a positive way towards our product, liking the photo and tagging a friend in the comments, loving the pineapple form factor of our product, and the photo we took in house to show case it. 


So I happily spend Saturday morning chilling in bed responding to new questions on our page and in the DMs, liking comments on the Forever 21 post, commenting back, and watching the new followers roll in.

pineapple charger forever 21 instagram


Since Saturday the Forever 21 post of our pineapple power bank has received over 99,000 likes and has 721 comments.


Our own page was blowing up all weekend as well, with past photos gaining new likes, and our follower count increasing by over 1,000 new followers in just a few days.

Having a retail partner like Forever 21 supporting your brand is not only great for your sales revenue, but the brand awareness and social traffic they can drive is unparalleled. This post not only resulted in new followers but opened doors with influencers and content creators, creating opportunities for future collaborations.

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