Festival Outfits

Posted on 27 April 2017

Another year of Coachella has come and gone, and the fashion did not disappoint!


Coachella Outfits


Festival fashion has taken on a life of its own with retailers like Forever 21 and Free People devoting entire collections to this unique genre. Because the styles we see at festivals are really only acceptable at festivals.


Grace Helbig said it best in her latest Coachella Fashion Review YouTube video stating, "no one dresses incorrectly, nor does anyone dress correctly...".

Grace Helbig Coachella Fashion Review

Festival fashion is all about free expression, and taking fashion chances that most of us don't take in our daily lives, so let your inner rock star shine as you gear up for the 2017 summer festival season! 


Top 5 Festival Fashion Trends


1. Festival Glitter

    Get crazy and glam it up for maximum impact! Whether your style is classic glowing gold or an over-the-top galaxy of blazing color, the right glitters will let you turn yourself into a walking work of art. Here are some of the best ways to sparkle and shine while out at festivals like EDC and Electric Forest:

    glitter festival look with nade power bank CHUBS- cute pig power bank phone chargerRihanna coachella gucci glitter bodysuit
    1. Body Glitter: Instant bling! Available in a rainbow of colors to mix and match and create your own standout style. Or be like Rihanna and just wear a Gucci full glitter bodysuit!
    2. Glitter and Flash Tattoos: The perfect way to add major flash with minimal work. Just rub them on and get ready to party.
    3. Hair Glitter: Beards, hair and clothing all benefit from just a spritz (or ten) of your favorite disco dust.
    Bummer! The party’s over, now you gotta get back to work. How do you get this stuff off without making a mess? Good news is, you probably already have everything you need. InStyle Magazine recommends the following:


      1. Body glitter and flash tattoo removal: Use your fingers to rub a natural oil (such as coconut oil) in small circles over the glittery areas, then follow up with a wet cotton pad to remove any excess.
      2. Removing glitter from hair: Lather in some olive oil before shampooing to clear your hair quickly – and enjoy the benefit from a little deep conditioning at the same time. 
      3. Removing glitter from clothes: Spray glitter-covered clothes with hairspray and let dry before washing. This will keep those annoying bits off everything else in your load. 

    2. Festival Fringe


    fringe festival outfit NADDE- cute grenade power bank phone chargerfringe jacket for festival outfit
    Let your outfit dance right along with you thanks to a touch of swing. There are so many ways to wear your fringe, from frisky frontier cutie to 1920’s flapper babe to full-on exotic hula-girl. Summer festivals like Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza are the perfect spots to decorate yourself from head to toe with wild accessories ranging from dazzling shirts and shorts to boots with serious swagger. Just be careful to avoid over-doing it, one or two fringed accessories are all you need to righteously rock this style.


    3. Sexy Festival Fashion

    Flash a little skin with body stockings, fishnet cover-ups, lacy macramé and flirty peek-a-boo cutouts. See-through clothing lets you leave as much – or as little – to the imagination as you please, and provides a quirky canvas to create your standout festival presence. Some favorites we’ve seen on the scene:


      pineapple power bank with festival outfitPIÑA- cute pineapple power bank phone chargeroff the shoulder top for festival outfit

        1.  Boho Style: Highlight your shoulders with a peasant blouse or off the shoulder top, paired with a long sheer skirt that accents the shapes of your legs. Festivals that operate within city blocks like Life is Beautiful are a great place to rock the off the shoulder top, this look will make it easy to go from hanging downtown, to full blown festival mode.


      coachella festival outfit with fishnets MELO- cute watermelon power bank phone chargerneon festival outfit with fishnets
        1. Retro outfit: Channel your playful 80’s vibe with some shredded jeans or shorts over brightly colored fishnet tights. Top it all off with a slashed tank for major throwback feels.


      sheer bodysuit coachella outfitGHOST- ghost power bank phone chargerfishnet top festival fashion
        1. Punk princess: Burnout sleeves and loads of layers to contrast beautiful creamy skin? Yes please! This edgy look never goes out of style, and you’re sure to slay any crowd with your fashion savvy.


      pineapple power bank at life is beautiful festival outfitPOWER POOF- purse charm power bank phone chargerPOWER POOF- Purse Charm Power Bank
        1. Festival Bodysuit: Be bold and make the most of all those hours at the gym! Pair a sheer body stocking with a fishnet overlay to let those dangerous curves come out to play.


        festival outfit with Popsicle power bankPOPS- cute popsicle power bank phone chargerchill penguin battery bank with bathing suit festival outfit
            1. Swim Suit and Shorts: Dare to be a little bare, but keep a little mystery! Take your favorite swimsuit from poolside to stage-side when you use it as a base for loads of lovely layers. Bikini tops and unitard styles are flirty and fresh without being too forward, setting you free to jump and spin to your heart’s content. And bikini tops are great for beach side festivals like Hangout fest!


          4. Festival Fanny Packs

            How do you keep your party essentials right at reach without tying up your hands? The answer, of course, is the fanny pack. For long running festivals like Summerfest the fanny pack is going to be a must! They are the perfect spot to stash your cash, sunscreen, backup cosmetics and phone and keep it all close while you dance through the day and night. Available in a wide variety of materials to suit your unique image, with leather bags straight out of Game Of Thrones to shimmery fabrics fit for Rodeo Drive – and even packs that light up! –  a fanny pack is sure to be your constant companion this festival season.


             fanny pack festival outfitBUBS- cute duck power bank phone chargergirls with fanny packs at festival


            5. Festival Belts

              Add the finishing touch to your favorite festival ensemble. Whether worn alone or layered together for a one-of-a-kind image, a quirky belt combines fashion and function to keep you perfectly put-together when the festival gets lit. It’s also the perfect spot to hang your BUQU Power Bank right where you need it for charging on the go.


              festival belt CHILL- cute penguin power bank phone chargerfestival outfit layered belt


              OK, now that you’ve got the look, what do you need to bring?

              1. Plenty of power for your phone… and guess what, we’ve got you covered! Be sure to clip your BUQU Power Bank (or two!) to your belt loop or pack to get a full charge for your phone… then snap, post and video to share the fun without running out of power at the very worst time.

              2. Cash, of course. Don’t be broke when it’s time to chow down on that ridiculous festival food!

              3. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. With many festivals lasting from day to night, don’t forget to protect yourself from serious sunburn. Especially important if you don’t want to deal with weird tan lines from your funky outfit.

              4. Lots of water. Be sure to tote a reusable bottle to keep you hydrated throughout the fun. Bottles come in colorful styles that complement your outfit and clip onto your clothing or purse for easy access.

              5. Backup beauty essentials. Dancing up a storm is fun, until you realize your makeup is crying a river down your face! Stash a couple of travel-sized basics in your fanny pack for those all-important emergency repairs, add a hair tie or scrunchie to pull your hair back after boogieing the night away.

              6. Shades. Not only important for your overall style, a good quality pair of sunglasses is a must-have to keep your eyes feeling refreshed during long hours outdoors.

              7. Antibacterial wipes. Let’s face it: Surfaces handled by thousands of hands can be rather nasty, and gooey festival munchies can make quite a mess. Keep yourself feeling fresh and clean with a purse pack of pre-moistened wipes.

              8. Ear Plugs. Most music festival veterans pack some ear plugs, because these festivals get loud! And if you are a regular on the festival scene, ear plugs will soon be a must.

              festival essentials


              Now choose your favorite festival style, grab your essentials, and get ready to rock the festival circuit this summer! 


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