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Posted on 14 June 2017

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The Electric Daisy Carnival, or as it is more commonly known, EDC, is kicking off this weekend in Las Vegas. Vegas is about to be packed with rave lovers from across the country, ready for the biggest weekend in electronic dance music. This week leading up to the festival is known as EDC week in Vegas, so even if you aren't attending the festival itself you can still join in on the EDM action. All week long you can find the best DJs and artists on the EDM scene the playing pool parties and night clubs in Vegas leading up to the festival. So if you are attending EDC, or just planning to hit the EDC week parties here are a few tis to help you survive the weekend and get the most out of your experience. 


Everything you need to survive and enjoy EDC in Las Vegas!


Just for Fun:

  • Face Paint- get into the festival spirit with color face paint that will help you stand out in the crowd of ravers.
  • Playful Headbands- whether it's cat ears, flowers, or pom poms, pick a theme for your festival squad and get matching funky headbands so you can better spot each other during the festival. 
  • Flower Crown- while flowers crowns are best known to be a Coachella essential, it is called the electric DAISY carnival! So mix it up and sport some daisies while raving all night long.
  • Body Glitter- we love any excuse to use glitter, and EDC is just the place! Nothing says festival like glitter, so add some to your hair, makeup, or body.
  • Glow Sticks- Add them to your outfit as an accessory in the form of bracelets, or just wave them around as you rave the night away! 
  • Rave Gloves- If you don't want to worry about carrying around glow sticks rave gloves are the perfect alternative to show off your dance moves and glow on! 
  • Flash Tattoos- Flash tattoos are another festival staple, if you want to embrace the full festival experience slap on a few flash tattoos and rave the night away!
  • Colorful Makeup- EDC is the perfect place to experiment with your makeup skills and try out the latest styles that you have seen on Instagram. 
  • Colored Dry Shampoo- Dry shampoo is going to be your savior for getting through the 3 day festival in that heat, spice it up with some colored dry shampoo for the ultimate festival hairstyle. 
  • False Lashes- Find the craziest lashed out there and rock them with confidence at EDC, If you can handle wearing them all night long, there is no better place to pull off an over the top look.
  • One Piece Swimsuit- A cute one piece swimsuit is all you need to go from day to night during EDC week. you can hit up the pool party during the scorching hot Vegas days, then throw on some cut offs and you are ready to dance the night away at the festival. This will also make packing for the weekend a breeze!

Festival Essentials:

  • Make up setting spray- Spending hours getting that perfect festival look is pointless if it melts off as soon as you step out into that Vegas heat. Finish off your look with some setting spray to ensure you are fresh faced all day long. 
  • Sunscreen/lip balm- Don't burn on day 1! Lather on the sun screen and lip balm so you don't look like a lobster by the end of the weekend. 
  • Sunglasses- Protect your eyes and add to your festival outfit with a pair of kaleidoscopic rave glasses. 
  • Crossbody Bag/ Backpack- Having a small bag is essential for these long festivals, you need to keep your essentials close, but don't want your bag to get in the way of your dancing! Try a small cross body bag or fanny pack to keep you on the move. 
  • Comfortable Shoes- With all the walking and dancing you will be doing at the festival you will want comfortable shoes so you are not stuck on the side lines 
  • Reusable water bottle- It's going to be hot so staying hydrated is key! Water is provided at hydration stations when you purchase water bottle or reusable drink container at EDC.
  • Instant coffee packets- Get a caffeine buzz that will keep you going all night, and help revive you the next morning so you don't miss out on any of the EDC festivities 
  • Emergen-C- There are endless opportunities to contact germs at an event like this, start your morning off with some vitamins to give your immune system a boost, your body will thank you later! 
  • Protein bars- In Vegas it's all to easy to forget to eat, and food can get expensive at these festivals so having a protein bar before you head inside to hold you over is not a bad idea. 
  • Phone charger- Of course you are going to want to document this epic weekend in Las Vegas but all those snaps and photos will kill your phone battery fast! Make sure you have a portable phone charger with you at the festival so you can stay charged up and capture all of the action! Pick a charger that fits your style so you can add to your rave outfit instead of distract from it. 
EDC Festival Outfit Festival girls

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