Aoki x Tillys Caking and Autograph Signing Event

Posted on 29 March 2017

The Steve Aoki "Cake Me" Battery Bank is now available at Tillys

If you know anything about DJ and producer Steve Aoki, you know that along with his passion for music, he has a passion for throwing cake at the crowd during his sets. And his fans love it, often donning signs reading “Cake Me” they are fighting their way to the front of the crowd for a chance to get caked by Aoki himself.


A few lucky fans got the chance to be caked up close by Aoki himself!



The BUQU team headed out to Las Vegas to team up with Tillys for an in store caking and autograph signing session with Steve Aoki to promote the launch of his signature series BUQU CAKE ME portable charger at Tillys.


 Aoki at Tillys BUQU CAKE ME power bank launch event


The Tillys just outside of Las Vegas in Boca Park was home to the Aoki event. The afternoon got off to an exciting start with Steve caking 2 lucky fans, with the CEOs of both Tillys and BUQU offered themselves up to be caked by Aoki as well. The crowd cheered and laughed as cake flew in every direction.


 Aoki at Tillys BUQU CAKE ME power bank launch autograph signing


After the caking excitement was over fans got a chance to come inside the store and get an autograph and a picture with Aoki, as well as a chance to purchase one of his custom BUQU CAKE ME power banks. A few fans were a bit star struck with shaking hands as they walked away with their autographs and pictures. As fan after fan came through the store to meet Aoki the Tillys, BUQU, and Aoki team photographers were capturing every moment to share with fans who were not able to attend the event.


 Aoki at Tillys autograph signing Las Vegas for BUQU cake power bank


As the event wound down Aoki took some time to go on a shopping spree at Tillys and fans that had stuck around were able to get some extra time to chat with him. Steve was happy to take selfies with his fans, and didn’t seem to mind taking a few extra minutes out of his hectic schedule to continue a conversation with fans while hanging out at the store. All in all it was a great opportunity for the local Las Vegas fans to come out, meet Steve, get their slice of cake, and in the case of a few lucky fans get some of that cake thrown in their face.


 Aoki at Tillys BUQU CAKE ME power bank autograph signing event


Get in on all the caking action by checking out the Steve Aoki signature series CAKE ME power bank at your local Tillys!


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